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The Extra Day

We got an extra day this year and we'll share it with startups

We are High Contrast, a creative agency with a focus on branding and digital. We enjoy helping startups grow so we’ll make this 2020 extra day a free consultancy day for the brave ones.

This is the plan

For two hours more or less, we will review your brand, analyse your digital product or give you some kick-ass campaigns ideas.

Feb. 5th - Feb. 19th

You sign up here.

Feb. 20th - Feb. 25th

We’ll make our research and select five winners.

Feb. 28th*

We’ll have a friendly, productive chat that might essentially improve your business.

*We do know the extra day is on the 29th, but Saturdays are for slopes, mountains, forests, gigs, gins and dancing shoes. Let’s take it easy.

Save a

OK, let's do this! We'll get back to you soon.